The thematic group is an ordinary Network-member appointed by the Network Secretariat at the recommendation of the Core Group. Participation in thematic/project groups is open to all members of the Network, ordinary and affiliate.

The 5 thematic/project groups and their roles as stated in principle 8.2.2 of the National Migration Policy and section 3.9 of CSOnetMADE constitution are listed below. Members are expected to choose the group that relates the most to the organization’s area of coverage.

In these groups members can collaborate on special topics and report their ideas to the Network Secretariat that will put it on the agenda of the Core Group and thereafter―if the Core Group agrees to it―inserts it into the annual work plan. Thematic/project groups report the activities of projects to the Core Group. The results of such projects will be communicated to the Network by the Core Group. Members are advised to choose the thematic group that applies more to their area of work. (Please refer to section 3.9 of CSOnetMADE constitution)